"Carsten Cleaning has been doing our carpets for several years now, so when we moved we called him again.  What we thought was just a fading, worn carpet was actually a very dirty carpet that was revitalized after John was finished with it.  We are now thankful to look at our floors, and happy to invite guests inside."

~ Steph B., Everett WA

"My personal experiences with Carsten Cleaning have always been terrific because Big John is pleasant to deal with and cares about my carpet more than I do.  He sees to it that it is cleaned with the right chemicals and the right way.  John is always abreast of new technology and constantly updates his equipment to provide better service.  No one else has the care, concern and heart to be on time, be honest, truthful and fair like John. Carsten Cleaning is the best in the business."

~ Ronald B., Everett WA

My husband and I have had our carpets cleaned a number of times by John Carsten of Carsten Cleaning. Recently we were having John over to clean the carpets, had moved the couch and noticed a huge grease stain from the recliner portion and made bets on whether John could get this stain out. We returned home from work and EVERY stain in the whole house was completely gone and has not returned. Typically the stain comes back after a while, but not after John has done his wonderful work. The carpet is always pretty dry too and ready to walk on at the end of the day. I would recommend Carsten Cleaning to anybody!

~ Carrie R., Snohomish WA